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Tips for Landing the Job of Your Favorite Dreams in your life

Tips for Landing the Job of Your Dreams

In today’s tough economic times, landing a job—any job—is harder than ever before. Highly paying jobs with room for advancement are especially competitive and difficult to land.

Fortunately, however, getting a great job is not impossible if you know how to go about it. We’ve provided some helpful tips for scoring the job you’ve always wanted and, if you follow them closely, the career of your most loving dreams could be well within your reach.

Educate Yourself

Nowadays, many people are overqualified for the jobs they apply for and, as such, employers can afford to be quite selective about whom they hire. Don’t let this scare you off! It simply means you have to do some work to prove yourself worthy of the job for which you’re applying.
Having a relevant education is a great way to demonstrate expertise in your chosen field. Find out what most professionals within the field have in terms of a degree or other formal training and, when possible, match or surpass the norm.

If everyone has an associate’s degree, for example, you would want to opt for a bachelor’s degree. Getting an education has never been easier or quicker than it is today thanks to the multitude of online schools and certification programs that exist.

Look Good on a Background Check

Almost all employers will perform background checks on potential employees. These background checks vary from employer to employer but generally include information about your criminal past, if any, your financial status, your place of residence, and past employers.

Obviously, the very best-case scenario is when you have a squeaky clean background check. However, everyone makes mistakes, and if you’ve got a few bad choices in your past, the best thing you can do is to be honest and upfront about them.

Owning up to your mistakes and demonstrating that you’re a changed person is much better than hiding them. In fact, if you get a job and it later comes to light that you lied about something in your past, you could be fired on the spot, no questions asked.

In short, employers can sometimes overlook a stupid mistake, but they won’t overlook dishonesty. With some positions, especially government or state positions, you could even have a private investigator company checking you out, so make sure you’re on your best behavior at all times!

Clean Up Your Online Act

Just as today’s employers take steps to learn about what you’ve done in your past, they also have a way of finding out what you’re up to in the present. The simplest way for employers to find out details about a potential employee—the details they won’t find out in an interview—is to do a quick online search of that person’s name.

Make sure that what employers find about you online won’t put you in a bad light. If you must have a Facebook or other social networking page, make sure you keep it private, so the wrong people don’t see what you’re posting. You may also want to post blogs in a different name or make them private. For best results, perform your own search of your name and clear up search results that don’t reflect positively upon you.

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