30 Fun Free or Cheap Things to Do in the Summer 2021

It’s the start of a new year, so that most people will be planning many outdoor activities this summer. In the warmer season, the streets are livelier, and outdoor activities are on the top of everyone’s priority lists. People want to experience more fun during the summer months.

But what if you are on a tight budget? Does it mean that you can’t have a great time? Absolutely not. There are a lot of fun things to do on a budget, that are cheap or free, and thus will not negatively affect your finances.

Always Set a Budget for Your Summer Activities

Whatever you’re planning on doing during your summer, ensure you know how much everything will cost and set a strict daily budget keeping your finances under control. For example, if you decide to go camping for a weekend, calculate the following for each day:

  • How much money do you need to spend on food and drinks?
  • If there are any fees for the extra activities, you want to take part in?
  • How much fuel costs to get to your destination?
  • Amount of money you need to spend on gear, tents, or tools.

Do your research for the activity you want to take part in and always set a strict summer budget for it. Try not to overspend and only use extra money if it’s an emergency. In case you don’t have an emergency fund to cover your unplanned expenses, apply for a cash advance in order to keep the summer budget intact.

Save for Summer Activities Throughout the Year

One of the best methods is to save money in advance for all your summer plans. Perhaps take up extra hours at work to earn more cash to fund your experiences.

It’s important to budget when paying for summer activities, even if you’ve saved well over the amount you set. This way, you can put the remainder of the money you didn’t use into a savings account for your next summer vacation or outing.

Saving for your cheap summer activities will allow you to enjoy your time more because you will feel less stressed about your finances.

So what free and cheap activities are there to do in the summertime that won’t eat away at your budget? Take a look at the following 30 summer fun activities on a budget.

Close to Home

1. Enjoy Relaxing Activities in your Area

You could play adventure golf with your friends or visit different local museums. There are a lot of exciting places that can definitely impress you, such as The Veterans Memorial Museum that presents original M42B1 Sherman tank from 1945 or the Denver Art Museum that possesses an impressive collection of more than 70000 works of art. There are also historical sites to see and malls that you can go for breakfast or lunch.

Enjoy Nature at Budget-Friendly Parks

2. Picnics in Free or Low-Cost Parks

If there’s a national park near you, why not sign up for an annual pass to save on entry costs?

Parks or gardens are places you can go to for a gourmet picnic with the family, barbeque or relax at a waterfall. And if you’re looking for free things to do this summer, some parks don’t charge entrance fees and it can help you to stretch your family budget.

3. Movies in the Park

Visit one of America’s top outdoor movie theaters such as Flicks on Bricks in Portland. It costs less than going to a cinema, and you can have a picnic outdoors while watching your favorite film.

4. Go Kayaking in Famous American Parks

Kayaking is a fun water sport where you hire boats and safety gear for a small fee. A three-day trip package costs $1475 if you book with Arizona River Runners.

Fun Ways to Spend your Weekends

5. Go Camping and Hiking for a Weekend

The best inexpensive summer activities to take part in camping and hiking. Camping spots are usually extremely cheap. Simply buy enough food and water to last the entire weekend and budget for extra activities such as hiking, fishing, or horse riding.

6. Local Weekend Trips

If you’ve saved up some money, you may be able to afford weekend trips away from home. You don’t have to travel far; stay in hotels or resorts in your region, so you save on fuel costs, and you won’t have to take so much time off work to travel.

Fun for the Young at Heart

People having summer fun on festival of colours

7. Stay in Budget-Friendly Hotels

If you’re still in your 20s, you may be able to stay in youth hostels. These hotels are typically more affordable because they cater to a target market that doesn’t earn a stable income yet. It’s even cheaper if you’re willing to share with a friend and use the kitchens instead of buying expensive take-outs.

8. Attend Popular Summer Festivals

Outdoor summer festivals are excellent ways to spend time with your friends and meet like-minded people. Some outdoor festivals are huge three to four-day events with bands and flea markets, leading to a lot of fun.

Free Activities Anyone Can Do

9. Start a Book Club

Do you love reading? A book club is an excellent way to start a social gathering in your community this summer, and you can meet new people while discussing all your favorite books.

10. Play Video Games with Friends

Playing video games is a fun pastime you can enjoy during the summer holidays with your friends. Some consoles and computer games allow you to play with people overseas through Team Speak.

11. Reorganize your Wardrobe

Repack your wardrobes and get rid of all the clothes you never wear. This will help you make space for newer items, and you’ll feel more organized for the months ahead.

12. Make New Clothes out of Old Ones

If you’re on a tight budget, refurbish all your old clothes in a fun way. Many tutorials on YouTube show you how to alter old T-shirts, pants, and dresses to make them look stylish & new again.

13. Start a Garage Sale

A garage sale is an excellent way to get rid of all the items around your home you don’t use. You’ll also earn extra money to pay for more summer adventures.

14. Fix Broken Items Around the House

Search your home for broken and tattered items and fix them in a fun DIY family project. You’ll even increase the value of your home if you repair light fixtures, skirting boards, and windowsills. For a more significant upgrade of your house, use a small personal loan, that can be requested online.

15. Learn to Play a Musical Instrument

Don’t let your musical instruments collect dust in the corner. Learn how to play it so you can impress friends and family with your newly developed skill.

Online Activities that are Free and Easy

A laptop on the table with a blog on its screen16. Start Blogging

If you’ve always wanted to be a writer, blogging is the first step to becoming a professional. It allows you to practice your writing every day, and you can talk about any topic you want. It would be great if through your blog you would help us to raise the level of financial literacy and would tell about online lending products available for consumers. For example, you can explain to your followers what does it mean an instant approval loan and is it really “instant”.

17. Become an Influence

If you want to start an activist group or simply show people how to perform a skill, then you should be an online influencer. It’s a free activity to take part in, and you can present your ideas on any online platform.

18. Create a YouTube Channel

YouTube is a broad platform. You can start a podcast, upload tutorials, and teach people about certain topics. It’s free to sign up and start creating and promoting your channel.

19. Showcase Your Pictures on Instagram

If you simply enjoy snapping pictures, Instagram is a platform you can showcase your work on. Get feedback on your images from people all around the world and improve your skills!

20. Upload all your Digital Art Online

Artists that draw often can upload their work online. This is a way to either enter competitions or simply gain advice from other fellow artists.

Summer Water Activities

21. Go Fishing

Fishing is a relaxing way to enjoy your time on your boat. Remember to pack sunscreen and cold beverages for the day. Apart from that, you won’t have to spend much and thus you’ll not be blowing-up your budget.

22. Learn How to Row

Rowing is a water sport anyone can do. Many places teach you how to row. Once you’ve learned the basics, you can go to any lake—often for free—with a rowing boat to practice your ability.

23. Go Sailing with Friends

If you don’t know how to sail, it’s never too late to learn. Take people with you on your sailing adventures because it’s more fun with a group of friends.

24. Snorkeling in the Ocean

Snorkeling is an enjoyable water activity, and you don’t need expensive gear to do it. All you need is a costume, a snorkeling mask, and swim fins.

25. Deep-Sea Diving

You’ll first need to learn how to deep-sea dive, but once you know how to do it, you’ll be hooked.

Summer Group Activities

26. Movie Marathons

Host a movie marathon at home with your loved ones because it’s cheaper than going to the cinema. In addition, it’s a perfect option to consider if you prefer to have amazing vacations without leaving your home.

27. Go-Kart Racing

Race against your friends and see who comes out on top. Competitions like finding the most skilled go-kart driver out of all of you are sure to increase the fun levels.

28. Bowling

Bowling is another fun group activity to take part in. Challenge your friends to see who can score the most strikes.

29. A Game of Golf

Golf is a relaxing sport anyone can take part in. Play with a group of four people to make the game more interesting and share golf cart hiring fees.

30. Hosting a Dress-Up Party

Have a summer-themed dress-up party with your friends. Offer prizes for the best dressed to encourage everyone to wear costumes.

Do you Need More Summer Ideas?

There are myriads of other fun things to do for free if you’re on a tight budget. Here are a few extra ideas you may enjoy:

  • Learn a new skill such as origami or painting
  • Have a water balloon fight with your friends
  • Go for a walk around your neighborhood
  • Read your favorite book outside by the pool
  • Learn to bake something new

Summer on a Budget Can Be Fun If You Plan Ahead

Planning a summer on a strict budget can be difficult, but it’s an excellent method for reducing financial stress. The advantage is that anyone can plan a budget. So, plan ahead and enjoy your summer without falling into a financial trap by spending all of your money.

So which activities are you going to be taking part in this summer? Are you opting for fun free things to do in the summer or simply inexpensive activities for the season? We hope that you enjoy your 2020 and that you’ve structured a financial plan around your summer activities.

Let us know what you’ll be doing in the summer of 2020 by leaving us a comment below. We enjoy hearing from our readers. Let us know what your financial plans are for the summer because you may be helping other people live their dreams with your financial solutions.

Here’s to a fantastic new year. May it be a Summer to remember!