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Saving the Most Money with Coupon Clipping

Saving the Most Money with Coupon Clipping

Every consumer is aware that coupons are worth some money. Each time you use a coupon to get a one-dollar discount on a box of cereal, you are actually saving money. In fact, many people who run into financially tough times consider coupon clipping as one of their top priorities to save money. The price-conscious lot has acquired the patience required to make the most of coupon clipping and many even offer coupon clipping services.

The key to make the most of coupon clipping is to understand that coupons are good only if you get to spend less than you would otherwise spend without coupons. If you use them inefficiently, they result in waste of time and money. Keep your coupons handy – clip supermarket coupons to the grocery list, pin dry-cleaning coupons to the laundry bag, stick restaurant coupons to the phone book used to make reservations, and so on.

Never yield to the temptation to pay more; for example, a free car-wash coupon may just provide the basic service, forcing you to upgrade for additional dollars. Make sure that you calculate the potential savings to make your purchase worthwhile. You may also get a chance to combine coupon deals or even transfer them to get the best savings. It is in your best interest to read the fine print rather than make assumptions.

The fine print contains all the stipulations or conditions, such as “not to be combined with other offers” and “good for dining in – no delivery.” The idea is to know the terms right before you begin the transaction.

Coupons are a great way to save money and even if you are not in a position to use them, remember that there are friends or relatives who are interested in them. They may even be willing to pay you for clipping and collecting coupons. In rare occasions, coupons could actually make money if the coupon is worth more than the price of the product it is offered for. To save the most money with coupon clipping, the first approach is to get the things that have coupons on them – the Sunday newspaper, magazines, flyers received by mail, cereal boxes, inside of food cartons, and so on.

The Internet is a great place to collect coupons. You can also have your local periodical distributor ship a fixed number of regular coupon mailings to you. In addition to newspaper distributors, there are companies that send coupon offers on a regular basis to homes. There are plenty of websites that offer free coupons that are as good as your Sunday newspaper inserts. Print out the coupons, making sure that you check the expiration date and other details. Some websites offer points for each coupon, meaning that you can also redeem the points for free gift cards and other items.

A coupon clipping service offers clipped individual coupons free of cost, but charges a small fee for its services. The main advantage of such a service is that you can find coupons that are not usually found in your regular newspaper inserts. It is not surprising to note that many people purchase local Sunday newspaper just for the sake of coupon inserts. Though it is an interesting strategy, a simple math will help you learn that it is not the best coupon clipping means to save money.

To explain, suppose you spend five dollars per week for the newspaper; you are not likely to use every single coupon found in the insert, so you are actually spending much for only a few coupons. Coupon clipping services can provide coupons at an average price of $0.08 or less. Again, simple math will tell you that at the cost of your Sunday newspaper, you can get nearly 50 coupons from coupon clipping services. So, you can take advantage of coupon clipping services by buying in bulk. If you are price-conscious, but do not have the patience or time to clip coupons, the best idea is to opt for a coupon clipping service. These service providers have a database of customers and expand their customer base by adding interested community members or friends. They keep a record of their customers’ preferences and deliver the right coupon clippings on a weekly or monthly basis.

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