Loans without payroll – You too have the right to finance yourself!

When we talk about online loans without payroll, we are focusing on personal loans. Of course, business loans are also without payroll, but they are not the ones we are going to talk about here.

At the top of this page, you will find personal loans without payroll with different characteristics:

  • Loans without payroll or endorsement, only DNI
  • Loans without payroll of $1000
  • Quick loans without payroll or property
  • Installment loans without payroll

Loans without payroll or endorsement, only DNI

Loans without payroll or endorsement, only DNI are characterized by having very low requirements. In exchange for this, the interests that they will demand from us will be significantly higher.

It is important to bear in mind that when we talk about loans without a payroll, we are referring to loans that can be obtained without having a payroll, not to loans in which it is not necessary to domicile it. The list of the latter is much broader since many financial companies want us to have a payroll, to see that we are solvent, but they do not care if we have the payroll in another entity.

Regarding the guarantee, we must bear in mind that if we have someone to guarantee us, we can reduce the interest, but if despite this we do not want to assume the responsibility of knowing that they have guaranteed us, in the list above you will find different options reliable.

Loans without payroll of 1000 Dollars

Loans without payroll of 1000 Dollars are usually part of quick loans. However, we have a specific page on 1000 Dollars loans that you can take a look at.

There are also even smaller amounts, in what we could say that they are mini loans without payroll.

Quick loans without payroll or property

The loans you will find on this page are loans without properties as we have dedicated exclusive pages to car loans as collateral and home equity loans.

Installment loans without payroll

Installment loans without payroll are not uncommon on the market. Generally, we speak of higher amounts than the aforementioned mini loans without payroll and that allows that by offering more reasonable interest, the financial companies can continue to earn money.

For example, Liberbank offers installment loans without payroll at very competitive interest rates.

Requirements for loans without payroll

Online loans without payroll have some necessary minimum requirements that you are hardly going to get rid of.

Be of legal age and have the capacity to act

It is logical because, without this requirement, any contract signed by you would not be valid.

Have regular income

It is one thing that they are loans without payroll and another that they want to throw money away. If you want a loan, you will need to have regular income, even if it comes from something other than payroll.

Be the owner of a bank account in the USA

They will not send the money to a friend’s account because they could receive penalties for facilitating money laundering.

Have a residence in the USA (NIE or DNI)

If you are a foreigner without residence in the USA, it will be very difficult to receive a loan.

Have email and phone

Being online loans without payroll, they need to be able to communicate with you quickly. If you do not have email or mobile phone, they would have to send you the contracts and notifications by postal mail and that, for online loans, would be nonsense.

How to choose the best personal loans without direct debit payroll

The best personal loans without direct debit payroll per se do not exist. What you need are the best personal loans without direct debit payroll for your personal circumstances. To be able to choose them, we offer you a small guide:

Define what you need

As we tell you, the best personal loans without direct debit payroll are those that adapt to your circumstances. Therefore, you need to know your circumstances in detail.

This means that you have to decide two things:

  • How much do you need?
  • How long do you need it?

And you also have to make certain calculations about your ability to pay and the requirements that you can meet.

In general, think that the fewer requirements a loan have, the more expensive it will be. For this reason, loans without payroll are usually more expensive than loans with a payroll.

Depending on quantities and terms, you can consider the possibility of looking for a guarantor or putting the car or home as collateral.

With that, you will know what requirements you can meet, but now you need to know how much you could return at most in the loan installments so that it does not drown your monthly budget.

To find out, you need to calculate your income and expenses. Since you are looking for loans without payroll, your income will probably depend on a pension or a benefit, in which case you have a regular income that is easy to estimate or your income as a self-employed person.

If you are self-employed, your income can be much more irregular. A conservative way to estimate them is to check the three months that you entered the least in the previous year and take an arithmetic mean. In principle, you can expect to bring in more money, since those were the worst three months, but if things got ugly, it could be a realistic estimate.

Knowing your income, it is time to look at expenses. If the income must be estimated downwards, in the expenses it must be done upwards because what we want is that in a bad month, we can be sure of paying the loan repayment fee.

Therefore, make an exhaustive list of the expenses that you usually have and check what margin is between those expenses and your benefits. That amount will be the one that you can allocate the payment of the loan repayment. If you decide not to add an expense to your calculations because you don’t always have it, during the life of the loan you should try to deprive yourself of it.

How to pay back loans without payroll

Most financial online loans without payroll allow direct debit of the loan payment so that you never forget to do so. However, if they don’t give you this option, write it down in all your calendars to make sure you don’t have to pay interest or fees for a silly delay.

If it is not the financial one that charges your account, it is normal that you have to make a transfer. In it you must indicate your name, ID and perhaps a user code. It is important that you follow the instructions of the financier so that, when you make the payment, they can know what debt it corresponds to.

The ideal while having a loan is not to give up saving. However, it is important to maintain a little more liquidity in what we save. In this way, even if we renounce some profitability, we will be able to face any unforeseen event without affecting the repayment of the loan.

Non-payroll loans frequently asked questions

Below we answer frequently asked questions about online loans without payroll.

Can I get a loan without payroll while in Financial Credit Institutions?

Yes it is possible, although logically it will be more expensive.

Are loans without payroll those in which they do not ask you to direct debit the payroll?

No. Loans without payroll are those in which you do not need to have a payroll at all.

Can you get a loan with payroll but without direct debit?

Yes. Loans with a payroll are usually cheaper than those without a payroll, even if you do not domicile it. The mere fact of having it gives the financial company extra security.

What can I do to lower the price of loans without payroll?

  • Ask for less money
  • Ask for it less time
  • Put a guarantee
  • Find a guarantor
  • Have a good credit history

Can I get a loan without payroll if I have no income?

No. The loans without payroll accept you with income as self-employed, benefits or pensions, but not without income.

I am a victim of the black economy and I cannot prove my income, what do I do?

Unfortunately, if you cannot prove that you have regular income even if you do, the finance companies will hardly be able to help you. You may want to discuss your options to regularize your work with a labor lawyer.

What papers are needed to contract online loans without payroll?

  • You will need your ID and proof of income.
  • To avoid delays due to mail, you can take a photo of them and send them by email or upload them on the lender’s website.

The lender asks me to access the bank from its website, is this normal?

It is a common practice in fast loans, but that does not mean that you must take precautions. The most common company through which they do the verifications is Instantor.

If you have doubts or do not trust, contact the lender. The vast majority of them will allow you to send the documents by email.

How is the loan formalized if everything is done online?

It is generally done through a link that they send to your email or your phone by means of an SMS, or a code that they send you in the same way and that you must enter somewhere on their website.

Conclusion on loans without payroll

Loans without payroll are a financing service with few requirements that can be very useful for the self-employed and pensioners.

However, you should not think that financial institutions leave money in a lost fund. If they think you will not be able to return it, they will not lend it to you. Therefore, never think that due to the fact that they are advertised as loans without payroll, they will answer affirmatively to all requests.

Before taking out the loan, make a comparison. Choose without any feeling. Your lifelong company does not have to be better than a new company if the latter offers you more beneficial conditions. All the lenders that appear on our website are reliable. As you know, if you click on their logos, we will show you a complete analysis of them. Do not stop reading them.

In the vast majority of cases, and unless otherwise specified, loan applications are free and without obligation. Never stop reading the loan agreement before giving the go-ahead. If what you see doesn’t convince you, try applying with another lender. The market offers a lot of different options.

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