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How to Save the Most Money on Your Phone Bill

How to Save the Most Money on Your Phone Bill

Modern technology has enabled us to be just a click away from our clients, colleagues or head offices so that we can keep in touch with work and family while on the go. Whether you work for a company or are self-employed, almost everything revolves around your phone. Not all of us have 9-to-5 jobs and many work in the evenings and weekends. It is not surprising to hear many people say that monthly phone bills form a significant part of their expenses after rent and utility bills. The best way to overcome this hassle is to bypass your phone company and its charges and switch to Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) phone services. is one of the best VoIP services that can help you save a big deal of money on your phone bills. Read on to learn more.

How do VoIP phones work? VoIP takes analog audio signals, i.e., what you talk over the phone, converts them into digital data and transmits them over the Internet. The simplest way to use VoIP is through a computer-to-computer connection. If you are a Vonage subscriber, you need to download client software, i.e., softphone, on to your desktop or laptop. The interface on the screen resembles a traditional telephone and you need to use a headset/microphone to make calls from your laptop to anywhere in the world through your broadband connection. Alternatively, you can access the service through an analog-telephone-adaptor (ATA) device, which allows you to connect your standard phone to your computer or Internet connection. ATA also lets you connect a smartphone to the computer or Internet connection to access the VoIP. IP phones work similar to normal phones and consist of a handset, cradle, buttons and Ethernet connector that directly connect to the router. Wi-Fi phones allow you to call from any Wi-Fi hot spot.

Replacing your home phone service with a full-service VoIP phone like Vonage can be a really cost-efficient choice. Using a VoIP phone, i.e., an internet-based phone saves the installation charges associated with manually installing phone lines. offers internet-based telephone service through your existing high-speed or broadband connection. It offers services on one-month rolling contracts, so you are not tied to twelve or eighteen month contracts.

There are no unregulated charges and you get a suite of free services included in the subscriber plans, resulting in substantial savings. The biggest advantage of VoIP is that you can call from anywhere in the world provided you have broadband connectivity. In other words, you can carry your VoIP device when you travel; just plug into the Internet and you get a dial tone and phone service.

You can also avail 911 services via E-911, but make sure that you remain current, i.e., provide the present physical address of the place where you use your VoIP device, in order to allow proper access to 911 emergency vehicles.

The Vonage mobile app lets you make phone calls and send texts and images without the need to use a cellular plan. It uses your mobile number as the caller ID and offers free calls to any Vonage home phone customer. A refer-a-friend program lets you invite friends via SMS and earn credits for each friend who becomes a Vonage Mobile user. It offers several features that are usually offered by other phone companies as added services at an extra cost. These features include Caller ID, Call waiting, Call transfer, Repeat dial, Return dial, three-way calling and advanced call-filtering options. When you receive a call, the call can be forwarded to a particular number, sent directly to voice mail, responded with a busy signal or put through a “not-in-service” message.

Though mobile phones have become an essential part of our lives, the truth is that customers and clients expect to keep in touch over a landline. VoIP is a fast emerging and revolutionary technology that has the potential to replace the traditional telephone system in the foreseeable future. Vonage has been around for quite a few years and is growing steadily. Vonage offers the ability to connect your entire home directly to a network that is cheaper than your phone company. It is like switching to a new local and long distance phone carrier.

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